A Quick Trip

A Quick Trip - Rain Catchment Tanks
Our truck and trailer loaded with rain catchment tanks headed back to Lubbock

We made a quick trip to Denton Thursday and Friday.  We drove down Thursday and spent the night and first thing Friday morning we picked up a load of rainwater catchment tanks.  I mean a trailer load.  Four tanks in all totaling 3,750 gallons.   As you can see, it was about all we could haul on the truck and trailer.

Another Passion

Along with gardening, I am passionate about water conservation, especially rainwater catchment.  I hold certifications by the American Rainwater Catchment System Association (ARCSA) and the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) in Rainwater Catchment System Design and Installation.

Not just barrels under a downspout

Many people think rain catchment is putting a blue barrel under a downspout and catching a bit of rainwater to use on your potted plants.  It is much more than that.  While it can very well be a rain barrel under a gutter, it can also be a system the provides part or all of your domestic water, even your drinking water.  It can be a landscape design that helps control storm runoff from your property, allowing rainwater time to infiltrate into your soil.  It could encompass a rain garden in your landscape to make better use of your rainwater as part of your landscape.

Catch the Rain - 1500 gallon tank installation with first flush diverter
A 1500 gallon tank installation with first flush diverter installed on a Lubbock area farm. The total installation was 2000 gallons of tank catchment and storage.

The tanks we picked up are destined for two separate projects.  Two of the tanks, the 500 gallon and the 250 gallon, will become part of the rain catchment system on our home, bringing our total rain catchment capacity to 1500 gallons total.  The other two tanks, 1300 gallons each, will be installed as part of a rain catchment system design that supports a greenhouse and aquaponics system currently under construction east of town.  I am also doing the design for the aquaponics system at this project.

We can help you find the system to fit your needs

My small company, Catch the Rain, specializes in home rain catchment systems.  We can help you design and implement a rain catchment system to meet your needs and expectations, from small single barrel systems to full home potable water systems to supplement your well or domestic water supply.

Catch the Rain - Architectural tank installation in Lubbock
Architectural tanks installation in Lubbock. A total of 5 of these tanks were installed on the perimeter of the home for a total of 2600 gallons of catchment and storage.

For more information, contact me through Facebook or our website at https://westtexasorganicgardening.com.

There is an entire area on the website dedicated to rain catchment.  You can see a gallery of systems we have installed in and around Lubbock.

There is no charge for our first consultation.  We come to your home or business, discuss your ideas and goals, measure your structure, and then provide you a set of written recommendations based on our visit and your site.

Contact me via email at info@westtexasorganicgardening.com