It’s Baseball Season!

It's Baseball Season!

It’s baseball season and we have three grandsons who all play baseball. On three different teams. About 25 minutes from our house. So like many families, we spend a lot of evenings at the baseball park. Making it home from work and to the ballpark in time for the games and managing to have dinner without a trip through the drive through can be a challenge.

Drive Through Alternatives

One of our favorite ballpark dinners is what I call a finger food picnic. Many times we swing by the grocery store and pick up some nice sliced turkey, chicken or roast beef. Add some pre-sliced vegetables and some hummus for dipping. Add some crunch with Siete chips; a non-grain product cooked in Avocado oil. A package of strawberries finishes off the dinner perfectly.

We have also become big fans of mineral water. So we grab a couple of bottles of mineral water instead of hitting up the concession stand for a sugary soda.

Another grocery store option would be one of the pre-made salads or sandwiches. We don’t eat sandwiches often, so we opt for the salads.

Planning Ahead

Of course, making your picnic out of things from the refrigerator is always an option! Hard boil some eggs or make deviled eggs. Cubed cheese is another easy finger food. Pickles, especially Bubbies Pickles are a yummy source of prebiotics and are a great finger foodRepurpose your leftovers into baseball field food. Mix leftover taco meat with fresh greens and other fixings for a delicious taco salad to go. Chicken or ham chopped and tossed into a salad becomes a chef salad. Make chicken or tuna salad for sandwiches or pack some crackers for dipping. We also use veggies for dipping.

Have Bag Will Picnic

A few simple preparations for an easy picnic
A Few Simple preparations

I have a bag that I keep in the car during baseball season with napkins or a roll of paper towels, some utensils, and a small paring knife with a cover for slicing the strawberries or other things. A travel size salt shaker filled with Pink Himalayan Salt rounds out the travel kit. A few bottles of water are a great idea for rinsing your veggies or fruit if you pick them up at the grocery store on the way to the field.

Hectic Schedules and Good Health

Hectic schedules, be they summer or winter, should not be a deterrent to your and your families good health. A bit of planning and creative thinking finds dozens of alternatives to the standard American diet of tacos, burgers, pizza and fries.

For more ideas check out our website, West Texas Organic Gardening, under the Adventures in Organic Living section and the Forums where you can look for more creative ideas from our members and even add your own.