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West Texas Organic Gardening

Organic, Sustainable and Regenerative Gardening for West Texas

From the Earth we sprang and to the Earth we shall return. We are inexorably linked to the soil and it is the soil that is the foundation for all life on earth. From the soil comes the sustenance that is the primary source of our own health and well-being. Only when we understand this link and work to maintain a healthy soil ecosystem can we hope to enjoy good health and long life.

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Sustainability vs Regeneration

Rebuild and regenerate - The key to soil health

Sustainability is a popular buzzword. Everyone is interested in creating an environment that will sustain the environment, sustain the earth, sustain the soil. The problem is that all too often we are trying to sustain a system that is fatally flawed or fundamentally broken. Such is the case with many of the theories and practices that are in use today in the gardening and farming industries. To create truly sustainable systems we must first regenerate the soils that are the foundation of those systems and then create a new paradigm of soil management.

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Soil Health and Your Health

Your health is founded in soil health

Everything starts with the soil. The plants and animals which nourish us all depend on the soil to provide the nourishment that is passed to us. If the soil is deficient, broken or, in many cases, devoid of the nourishment plants and animals require, it is impossible for them to pass on to us the nourishment we require. Learning how to recognize healthy life choices is a fundamental part of overall health and wellness.

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Organic Living

More than just gardening

We are part of an ecological system in which everything is connected. For too long we have tried to compartmentalize our lives, separating ourselves from the rest of the environment in which we exist, thinking that we can deal with problems incrementally, be they health issues or environmental issues. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have to see a bigger picture in which we understand the connections that we share and how cause and effect cascade through the system.

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