And so it begins . . .

Everything has a beginning

Everything has a beginning. This, then, is the beginning for this website and everything that will eventually go with supporting it, growing it and maintaining it. Of course, it really began a long time ago when Penny and I planted our first garden together. It was not an all together successful garden but it was a start. That first effort led, through some side trips, mis-adventures and interesting explorations, to where we are today.

The real genesis for this website was the questions I was asked about vegetable gardening in West Texas. Questions about what plant varieties to select, best practices and what methods I use. I discovered that really sound, up to date advice for West Texas organic gardening was hard to find. The more I learned, the more I became convinced that I should share what I was learning. I want to do that in a way that anyone with a similar interest can access easily.

We Went to the Fair!

Everything has a beginning.  We went to the Fair

After Penny and I attended a Mother Earth News Fair I started this site Two days of intensive immersion into organic gardening brought me to the point of acting on my thoughts. Now comes the more difficult part of growing the site and supporting it. I find that I may have taken on a new career inadvertently.

I have a conviction that organic gardening is just one facet of an encompassing lifestyle. This website will be about much more than just gardening. It will eventually become a resource of all that we have learned about living a holistic lifestyle. We cannot compartmentalize ourselves or divorce ourselves from the natural systems of which we are apart. To do so only exacerbates the harm that we have done to ourselves, our environment and our world over the last 75 or so years.

I hope you find some enjoyment and perhaps some useful information in what we are offering. I am particularly excited about the articles section in Organic Gardening. If you have suggestions or comments feel free to offer them through our contact page. Please join our mailing list. We promise that your information will never be sold or shared with anyone else and that we won’t fill your inbox with spam. Above all we hope that what we are sharing helps in some way make your life richer, healthier and more enjoyable.

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