The Added Bonus – UPDATE

Earlier I wrote about the added bonus our garden brought this year a pair of mocking birds nesting in one of our apple trees. The nest is at just the right height that I can use a small step ladder to get a good view into the nest.

The Bonuses Continue

When we first discovered the nest, we found 4 speckled blue eggs and were content to watch as the pair of mockingbirds spent their time tending the nest, sitting the eggs, and generally scolding anyone or anything that came near the tree.

Then we noticed that the pattern changed and now there was a constant in and out of the tree by the two mockingbirds. A quick investigation revealed why.

the added bonus update

Three of the eggs hatched and we now have three very hungry little mockingbirds in the nest. Mother and Dad are diligently working to keep them fed and we can sit and watch the pair as they are in and out of the tree constantly.

Then The Hail Came

A few days ago we were treated with a nasty hail storm that pummeled us with golf ball size hail for about 20 minutes. We watched as the trees took a heavy hit. We lost a large portion of our peach crop on our trees. Our garden came through almost unscathed except for a few broken leaves and stems and one or two plants that took direct hits. Our applie trees lost a few apples.

We worried about the mocking bird nest. I watched as the large and very hard hail came down. I could see one of the mockingbirds sitting the nest. The bird was a low in the nest as she could get.

After the hail storm as I walked around the neighborhood assessing the damage, I found several dead birds which made me wonder if the other mocking bird had survived the storm.

Happy Days

Much to our relief, it looks like the whole mockingbird family came through the ordeal with some much as loosing a feather. I have seen three little beaks stretched upward over the top of the next and both parents are back busily at work feeding baby birds.

the garden bonus update

Stand by. We will be bringing more updates about our garden bonuses.