July 4th, 2019 – Garden Update

Garden Update

I hope everyone is enjoying this 243rd Fourth of July and that your gardens are overflowing with vegetables. We continue to harvest and eat our of our greenhouse and are now diligently harvesting every day from our soil garden and raised beds.

We are eating every day some of our own homegrown veggies, especially tomatoes! Oh My God Tomatoes. This spring has been the best we have ever had for tomatoes. The weather stayed cool and the rain has made tomatoes a bumper crop. We did get some hail but managed to survive it with minimal damage.

I have posted quite a gallery this time of our garden and landscape. Not boasting or trying to one-up anyone, but I wanted to show everyone what can be done following an organic system. No pesticides, no herbicides, no manmade synthetic fertilizers anywhere in what you see.
And the flavors in the vegetables are unbelievable.

Now it is everyone else’s turn. Post up how things are going with your garden and the garden challenge? Are you putting homegrown veggies on the table at least once a week? Post some pics so we can all see!

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July 14, 2019 – Garden Update Photos