The Journey

The Journey Begins

Our journey to living more organically wasn’t a straight path from Standard American Diet (SAD) to low carb organic eating. Maybe it didn’t have as many twists and turns as Lombardy Street in San Francisco, but we definitely didn’t take any short cuts to get here. At our age, I look back and wish that this information had been readily available sooner, but I don’t know if I was ready to hear it sooner.

The Journey
Lombardy Street, San Francisco

About 7 years ago we watched a video on reversing disease with nutrition. Dennis said, “we might try that.” I was stunned because it was quite a radical shift from the SAD we had been eating. It was a vegan diet. He told me that he felt like he needed to do something because he really didn’t like the way he was feeling and something had to change.

So off we went with what I called “Adventures in Vegetarian Land.” I jumped in and learned new ways to cook things. We found new recipes and tried new food combinations. However, we never went truly vegan. There were times we had some butter and cheese. Later we added fish a couple of times a month. But for almost 3 years we were vegetarians. More accurately we were probably “carbotarians.” Pasta, rice, potatoes and breads made up a good portion of our diet. Dennis was a type 2 diabetic and insulin use increased. So did his weight. That wasn’t what the books and movie promised.

A new Direction

Things rocked along and we heard about a clinic here that looked at things differently. They don’t just get a list of your symptoms and match it to the drugs the drug companies said to take. Teaching patients is a priority and they take the time to make sure patients understand the why behind the recommendations. We found videos online that helped us begin to learn the philosophy. Check out Veritas Medical here.

We had to wait to go to the clinic and one of the recommendations was to check out the Whole 30 plan. Check out Whole 30 here. It was a pretty radical shift from our vegetarian lifestyle. I mean, we could have BACON! Dennis was in! So, we added meat back into our lives and threw out bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. When we got to the clinic it wasn’t a huge change to adapt to the low carb healing diet they recommended. Things went well and we rocked along for a while. I lost some weight. Dennis lost a little, but his blood sugars and other markers didn’t improve much.

This summer our practitioner suggested intermittent fasting and Keto. I had done some intermittent fasting but we hadn’t really moved to Keto. He really felt that we should kick it up a notch and we would see the results we really wanted.

On the way to San Antonio that week we listened to Dr. Jason Fung’s book The Diabetes Code. Find information on Dr. Fung here. It was an amazing eye opener. I had watched several of his videos, but his book was life changing. Things made so much sense. The science went over my head, but he makes it understandable. With the support of our practitioner Dennis turned his insulin pump off and used the sensor to monitor his blood sugar. He did bolus if his sugars got too high.

The Changes we Made

We began really watching our carbs and being much closer a Keto lifestyle. We incorporated intermittent fasting into our lives and some longer fasts (48 hours) at lest one time a week. Purposely going without food for 48 hours? If you had told me I would voluntarily do a 48 hour fast, I would have laughed and laughed. Amazingly we survived and agreed it wasn’t all that bad.

Dennis began to shed weight. Without the constant drip of insulin telling his body to store fat, his body began burning it! The weight sort of fell off. It has been 7 months now and he is down 50 pounds. He is down 4 pant sizes. It happened so quickly that he skipped a couple of sizes. I have lost about 10 more pounds. I now weigh less than I did when we got married. A long time ago. We even did a four day fast last month and will be incorporating that into our routines several times a year.

As we made all these changes in our eating habits, we also began to learn more about things like the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15, foods you should buy organically and foods you can buy that were not raised organically. Check it out here. We began to understand about why our food is less nutrient dense than many years ago. We learned about the root cause of many of the illnesses facing modern society.

Spread the News!

As we learn these things, we feel compelled to share and get the information out to more people. I think a lot of people have some nagging feeling or some slice of the information that things are not as they should be. I hope to share some of the recipes and resources I have found for low carb and Keto living. We have encountered some off the beaten path resources and information about ancestral diets and health. I haven’t even talked about our garden and greenhouse. I hope to share some of the things we are doing there to enhance our quality of life with our connection to the soil as well as the improved nutrition our food can provide us. Join us on this new journey I call “Adventures in Organic Living!”