Juicy Lucy’s Veggies

Juicy Lucy's Veggies

Juicy Lucy’s Veggies

You’ve seen it around town.  The big yellow truck with canopies sitting alongside and a crowd of people eagerly shopping for fresh vegetables and other products all from local producers and growers and brought to you courtesy of Lucinda Mann, aka.  Juicy Lucy.

Lucy is no stranger to vegetable gardening.  By her own account, she grew up in a family that gardened not only to feed themselves but also to sell to their neighbors and friends.  She has veggies in her blood.

The Big Yellow Truck

Her big yellow truck has become a landmark, albeit a movable one, around Lubbock. Look for it at various locations throughout the week.  In season she offers a wide variety of locally grown fresh vegetables in addition to the usual fare of her chicken, duck and quail eggs, herb-infused oils, and a wide range of products from other local producers including honey, maple syrup, grass-fed beef and locally raised aquaponic fish.

In all, she has products from 11 other local producers and growers at any given time.  Her products come from her farm located east of Lubbock.  On approximately 5 acres, she not only raises seasonal vegetables but also keeps around 300 chickens, 100 ducks and 200 quail that produce the eggs that she markets in her truck and on her farm, as well as at Drug Emporium.

Some of her products are also available at the Wolfforth Farmers Market.

Bigger, Better, and Year round.

Her plans for the future include expanding her vegetable production.  She currently is working on the finishing touches to a large commercial greenhouse that will allow her to produce fresh vegetable year round.  This year she is expanding her hot pepper production to include some extreme varieties for those who are real pepper aficionados and to include in her upcoming line of salsas and sauces.

Lucy is passionate about her vocation.  She is intensely devoted to supporting and growing the Local Food Net.   One of her concerns now is an upgrade to the Texas Cottage Food Law that would expand the marketing and product opportunities for small producers and growers.  She urges everyone to contact their legislator and urge support for the legislation that is now in committee in Austin.

Like all local producers and growers, Lucy is dependent on local support for her business.  The more people seek out and purchase her products, the more she can re-invest into infrastructure and expansion to provide more products, year-round availability and better prices.

You can find Juicy Lucy’s Veggies online at her Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/JuicyLucyVeggies/), on her website (http://juicylucysveggies.com/) and by visiting her big yellow truck around town.  Her Facebook page and website have the latest schedule and locations for the big yellow truck.

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