A Little Challenge

It’s Test Day!

I have a little challenge for you.  I have been having a bit of a problem in the greenhouse with aphids on my pepper plants.  Aphids are not a new problem.  Greenhouses are the perfect playground for aphids.  I typically use a fine high-pressure spray to wash them off.  If things get particularly bad, I might spray a weak Neem oil solution but I try to avoid it as Neem is indiscriminate.  It will kill the good guys as well as the bad guys.   Today I was looking at my pepper plants and saw this little guy on one of the stems. 

The test questions are:

  1.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
  2. What is he? 
A Little Challenge  is this a good guy or a bad guy
Good guy or bad guy?

If you can answer the two questions and will join our email list, I will select one person to receive a special gift.   I have a couple of Clyde’s Garden Planners, and I will award one of them to a randomly selected person who answers the questions and jins our email list.   If you are already on our email list, you are already halfway to an entry in the drawing.

So here is the picture.  I will also post this as a Blog on our website and put a link to the picture so you can view it as a high-resolution image. 

I will post the results tomorrow and the correct answers!