May Garden to do list

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  • Trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials
  • Turf Grass if you are using plugs, solid sod, or springs.   Sow seeds if the soil temp is warm enough
  • Roses
  • Trees, especially fruit and nut trees
  • Warm season flowers
  • Summer herbs
  • Warm Season Vegetables


  • Flowering shrubs and roses (you may have done this earlier.  If so, don’t repeat.)
  • Apply a high quality organic foliar fertilizer.  We suggest Garrett Juice (instructions for mixing are here)
  • Apply an organic liquid fertilizer to newly planted trees and shrubs every month.  (Garret Juice)
  • Treat any plants that appear chlorotic (see more about chlorosis here) greensand or the equivalent.
  • Innoculate any new plantings with mycorrhizal fungi products or stimulants.


  • Prune spring blooming vines and shrubs immediately after they bloom
  • Fall blooming perennials
  • Spent blooms from roses
  • Thin fruit trees, especially peach trees.  Thin peaches to five inches apart.  Plums should be 4 inches.  Apples and pears thin to one fruit per cluster.


  • Turf – Water only when needed.  Water slowly to allow maximum infiltration. 
  • Landscape and planting – the same as turf
  • Containers and potted plants – as needed but include organic fertilizer with watering.  Compost tea is an excellent choice.  Garrett Juice or any of the other organic alternatives.  Top dressing your potted plants with mycorrhizal fungi is a good idea.

Pests and Diseases

  • Release lacewings to help control thrips.  
  • Apply beneficial nematodes to the soil
  • Dust around plants with cedar flakes, hot pepper or diatomaceous earth to control snails, slugs, and pillbugs
  • Release Trichogramma wasps to control caterpillars and other pests.
  • Aphids – water blast plants

Odd Jobs

  • Mow as needed.  Raise your mower as grass thickens.  Leave the clipping to feed the soil.
  • Turn your compost pile
  • Mulch any bare soil in your landscape
  • Feed and water the birds


  • Till your soil
  • Scalp your yard
  • Spray any synthetic man-made pesticide, herbicides or fertilizer.