Meet Dr. Jason Fung

Meet Dr. Jason Fung

Meet Dr. Jason Fung. Dr. Fung MD is a Canadian nephrologist.  He began his career treating patients with kidney diseases.  Many of his patients had diabetes, and he observed that his patients needed more and more medications, even when they were compliant with Dr. Fung’s recommendations.  His patients complained that insulin prescriptions made them gain weight.  Insulin is a fat storage hormone, so it makes sense that his patients on insulin were gaining weight.

The Big Question 

What didn’t make sense to Dr. Fung was why people with  Type 2 diabetes are taking insulin. His research led him to the conclusion that Type 2 diabetes is not the same as Type 1 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is not a lack of insulin, but hyperinsulinemia, an overabundance of insulin.  In his book, The Diabetes Code, he explains the science behind his conclusion and the methods he has been using to reduce the hyperinsulinemia and even reverse Type 2 diabetes 

Simply Fasting

Dr. Fung began to recommend intermittent fasting as a way to help his patients reduce their blood sugar and lessen the need for insulin.  His success led to the development of the Intensive Dietary Management Program.  His clinic, located in Toronto, provides support for his patients to change their diet and lifestyle to a low carb way of eating and to incorporate intermittent fasting as a way to regain their health.  Technology has allowed Dr. Fung to make his reach much wider than his community in Toronto. 

More Information

You can find Dr. Fung on YouTube.  There are videos from conferences, interviews, and that his clinic has produced providing educational material.  There is a large Facebook group of individuals who have read his books and are following his advice.  It is a large supportive community answering questions and celebrating each other’s accomplishments. 

Dr. Fung’s website offers even more information about him and the methods he recommends.  Online courses offer more in-depth information about fasting, diabetes, management, and general wellness.  In many of these videos, Dr. Fung explains his methods and the science behind them. 

The Diabetes Code, Jason Fung, MD

His website also includes an area you can join to get access to even more information.  If you are interested in coaching to assist you in your journey, there is an option for that too. 

A Refreshing Change

I find Dr. Fung engaging and entertaining.  While the science he presents is over my head, he makes it understandable to me. I may not remember the big words, but he makes the concepts accessible for my non-medical brain.

We bought a copy of The Diabetes Code on Audible and listened to it on a road trip.  As soon as we got home, we purchased the book to have in our library, and I refer to it regularly.  I was delighted that Dr. Fung narrated the audiobook.  Having watched many of his videos on YouTube and his website, it was fun having him reading to me as we drove down the highway. 

Does it Work?  YES!

After listening to Dr. Fung during a trip, we implemented intermittent fasting and incorporated longer fasts in our weekly routine.  Combining this fasting regimen as well as being strict on our carbs, Dennis has lost 50+ pounds, and I am down about 10.  Fasting has become just something we do. 

 I am a member of the Facebook group and find it informative, encouraging, and supportive.  The moderators post weekly group fasts, which you can join and receive support from the other “fasters.” 

For Further Reading and Listening

So, if you have heard about intermittent fasting, extended fasting, weight loss, diabetes, or the Ketogenic diet, I highly recommend checking our Dr. Fung. 

Dr. Jason Fung, The Diet Doctor

Here is a list of some of Dr. Fung’s books.  They are available online and at your local bookstore.  Several are available as Audiobooks, and you may be able to find some or all of them at your local library.

The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

The Longevity Solutions: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life

The Obesity Code Cookbook: Recipes to Help You Manage Insulin, Lose Weight, and Improve Your Health

Facebook group: The Obesity Code Network Fasting Support with Megan Ramos and Dr. Jason Fung

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