Plant of the Week – Dwarf Peaches

Bonfire Dwarf Patio Peach

Prunus persica

Our Plant of the Week this week is a tree! More specifically a dwarf peach tree.

As you may have noticed from some recent posts, we have a thing going on around our landscape for peaches.  This year alone we have given away about 100 first year peach seedlings that have sprouted in various landscape beds around our home.  All are from the three trees in our landscape that bear fruit regularly.  We have been sprouting peach trees from seed for several years.

Plant of the week - Dwarf Peaches

During the last round of giveaways, one of the people who asked for a few trees offered a different kind of peach in trade.  We were hesitant.  This year, we have turned down offers for free trees because we don’t have room in our landscape for any more trees.  There just isn’t a place in our landscape for another tree.  Special Thanks to Katrina Spears for her kind offer of a trade!

Prunus persica

Then we learned that the variety of peach tree that was being offered to us was a Bonfire Dwarf Patio Peach.  I was unfamiliar with the variety, so we started to do a bit of research and quickly realized that this was a new peach that we could add to our landscape.

Bonfire Dwarf Peach Tree

The Bonfire Dwarf Patio peach is a compact peach tree with purple leaves.  It produces a white-fleshed peach that will show signs of red.  These are cling fruits which, according to my sources, are excellent for canning, pickling, and pies.  The flowers are pink and, the best part, it can be grown in containers.  The plant usually grows no more than six feet tall and needs six to 10 feet of space for the canopy.

Peaches do require a full measure of sun, so it is important to place the container so that the tree can receive at least 6 hours of sun per day.   Our plan is to container plant our new tree and to judiciously prune to keep the size manageable so that we can move the container as needed from season to season.  We hope to overwinter the tree in our greenhouse with our lime tree.

These trees are well suited to our West Texas climate and should be hardy in Zone 7. 

Planting Tips

Bonfire Dwarf peach tree blossom

These trees prefer well-drained sandy soil where they get full sun.  Make sure your container has plenty of drain holes and that there is a layer of coarse material in the bottom so that they drain quickly.  For replanting or repotting help, visit our website and check out our article on repotting and replanting trees in containers. 

There are several other cultivars of these dwarf peaches available.  Most of the online growers have them with full information on growing and planting them.  Some are better for off the tree eating than others.  The Bonfire variety that we have produces fruit that is more suitable for canning or cooking than eating.   The variety Reliance produces fruit suitable for picking and eating right off the tree.

We will keep you updated on the status of our new peach tree as it starts its life among the other specimen plants in our garden.  Maybe in a few years, we will be offering free Bonfire Dwarf Peach tree seedlings as well.