Primal Gardens

Naturally Grown – Sustainably Raised Fresh Produce and Fish

Seminole, Texas

pri·mal  /ˈprīməl/  adjective

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Geoff Gray, owner and operator of Primal Gardens in Seminole, Texas is passionate about his mission to provide the highest quality produce to his customers.  In his own words, Geoff states it quite clearly

Primal Gardens

“When one of our customers walks into our facility, I don’t want them to worry about what it says on a label or a placard.  I want them to know, without question, that everything we grow and sell is the highest quality food with the most nutritional value possible.”

First Impressions

Walking through the Primal Gardens facility is a testament to that mission.   The first impression on approaching the facility in the flat open spaces of West Texas is the sheer size of the whole complex   Once inside, I was impressed with the obvious attention to detail that was put into the design of the building and also the organization and maintenance.  The impression of orderly attention to detail was evident everywhere.

Geoff was gracious enough to meet us on a Sunday afternoon taking time away from his family to let us tour his facility and to answer our questions.  It was a joy to see his passion and love for what he is doing.

One fish, two fish

Our first stop was the fish grow-out portion of the facility.  Row after row of blue grow tanks, all filled with bubbling water spread across the room.   At any given time, the tanks hold 20,000 tilapia in various stages of growth on their way to becoming filets destined for five-star restaurants and local grocery stores.  Amazingly there is no odor of fish.

The fish are part of the whole aquaponics system.  As the fish deposit waste products in the water, a natural biologic sequence converts the ammonia to nitrates which are bio-available to the plants in the greenhouse for nutrients.   The plants, in turn, remove the nitrates from the water ensuring a supply of clean, fresh water for the fish.  This process mimics the natural ecological cycle. 

Green Green Everywhere!

In the greenhouse itself, we found the garden.  We found what seemed to be acres of vegetables in every stage of growth spread across the immaculate area.   The constant gurgle of water as it circulated through the grow beds was the predominate noise.  All in all, it presented a tranquil and soothing atmosphere. 

Primal Gardens produces a wide array of lettuces and greens as their major production effort.  They also have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and a variety of herbs.  Geoff, by his admission, is constantly experimenting with plants and growing techniques to improve both his production as well as the quality of his vegetables.

As Nature Intended

Using no pesticides or herbicides and relying on the highest quality seeds, Primal Gardens is bringing to the market vegetables packed with nutrient value.  The fish that are a part of the production cycle are clean, contaminant-free and without any adulterating antibiotics or other growth-inducing hormones. 

In talking with Geoff as we toured his operation, it was evident that he is passionate in his dedication to his cause.  His desire to provide the best food is driven by his belief that what we put into our bodies is the key to good health and long life.  It was a pleasure to listen to him talk.  His enthusiasm was infectious.

Find Primal Gardens

Primal Gardens fish and vegetables are available at the Wolfforth Farmers Market each Saturday, from Holy Cow Beef and Juicy Lucy at her mobile farmers market (The big Yellow Truck).  You can also contact Primal Gardens directly through their website.

I can’t thank Geoff enough for taking his time to show us his beautiful greenhouse and facilities.  Please, support Geoff and Primal Gardens by finding and purchasing his produce and fish.  He is a big part of our Local Food Net and deserves our support financially and spiritually.