Small Batch Potting Soil Recipe

Small batch potting soil recipe - hands in soil with plant

If you need to mix a small batch of soil to repot smaller plants, I suggest the following recipe.

Six parts compost, such as good finished compost from your compost pile. If that is unavailable, use an organic compost available at the big box stores, I recommend composted cottonseed hulls. A local company produces this product and available at several of the nurseries and at least one of the big home improvement stores. If they are available, you can use coffee grounds for part of the compost.

Three parts rock minerals. Any number of products can be used for this such as lava sand, green sand, diatomaceous earth, zeolite, decomposed granite, etc. Minerals add structure to the soil and provide the trace elements that the plants need.

One part sugar in the form of dry molasses, cornmeal, wheat meal, etc. The bacteria and fungi that you are trying to encourage to grow in your soil need carbon, and sugar is the most available way to provide it.

One Don’t!

One thing I do caution is not to use peat moss in your potting mix. Peat Moss is a natural antibiotic agent and will hinder the growth of the micro-organisms in the soil.

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